The Luxuries Make the Apartment

When I started looking for a place to live in Georgia, I only looked at houses first. I kept running into one problem after another though. If I found one that I really liked, it was too expensive for me. When I found one I was able to afford, there were so many other things wrong with it. I was about to throw in the towel when someone suggested that I look at the apartments for rent in Sandy Springs GA. I hadn’t even considered an apartment before, but I was desperate for my own place.

As soon as I saw The Retreat at River Park apartments, I knew I had found my new home. There are so many amenities that are included both in the apartments as well as on the grounds for all tenants, and I got excited before I even found out everything about it. What I really liked the most is that I had my choice of apartments. Continue reading

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Whats Next After 25 Years of WiFi

wifibirthdayiStockphoto31839634-1441831747865In 1997, the first version of Wi-Fi appeared. (The same year saw about half of U.S. homes using AOL as their Internet Service Provider, Netscape with the most web browser users, and Microsoft rescuing Apple from the verge of bankruptcy.) Today, the the Wi-Fi standard known as IEEE 802.11 celebrates its 25th anniversary in a world where many people take Wi-Fi access for granted while streaming high-definition video and checking in on social media through their smartphones and laptops.

The IEEE 802.11 wireless technology standard has come a long way since it first originated from a working group meeting in September 1990. Early Wi-Fi supported data rates of just 2 megabits per second. By comparison, the latest Wi-Fi standard supports 3,500 times faster data rates, ranging up to 7 gigabits per second. IEEE Spectrum spoke with Dorothy Stanley, a vice chair of the IEEE 802.11 Working Group and senior standards architect at Aruba Networks, about what to expect from the next generation of Wi-Fi.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

IEEE Spectrum: How have the goals of the 802.11 Working Group evolved since it first met 25 years ago?

Dorothy Stanley: At a

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US slams Europe over Facebook privacy controversy

150923114713-facebook-logo-780x439The U.S. has backed Facebook in its battle against the European Union, accusing Europe’s top court of making “inaccurate assertions” about America’s intelligence services.

The U.S. mission to the European Union slammed the court for questioning a crucial data sharing agreement between the U.S. and E.U.

The deal, called “Safe Harbor Framework,” makes it possible for thousands of U.S. companies, including tech giants such as Google (GOOGL, Tech30), Facebook (FB, Tech30), and Amazon (AMZN, Tech30), to transfer private data from the E.U. to their servers in the U.S.

But the top legal adviser to European Court of Justice suggested the deal is no longer valid because of allegations of “mass, indiscriminate surveillance” by U.S. intelligence services. The U.S. hit back Monday, saying the claims are “simply not the case.”

The court’s opinion is part of an ongoing case against Facebook, which was brought by Austrian law student Max Schrems. He said he was uncomfortable with the way Facebook transfers his personal data to the U.S., where it can be accessed by authorities with little respect for his privacy. Schrems was prompted to file his

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Hackers Hold Silicon Valleys Hometown Newspapers Hostage

anonymoushackblogfull-1442596002733Sometime yesterday, 17 September, hackers took over the websites of Silicon Valley’s Embarcadero Media Group, publisher of the Palo Alto Weekly, the Almanac, the Mountain View Voice, the Pleasanton Weekly, and Palo Alto Online. The group’s newspapers and websites are a key source of local news for Silicon Valley residents, and the Palo Alto Weekly is credited as being the first newspaper in the U.S. to make all of its content available online.

The hackers initially replaced the websites’ normal pages with the image above. At the moment, however, the sites are not loading. The message reads in part:

“Greetings, This site has been hacked.

“Embarcadero Media Group (Almanac) has failed to remove content that has been harmful to the safety and well being of others.

“Failure to honor all requests to remove content will lead to the permanent shutdown of all Embarcadero Media Group Websites….

“We do not forgive, we do not forget, we are legion.”

Embarcadero News Group management has indicated that it will release a statement shortly.

Update: According to a statement issued by Jocelyn Dong, editor of the Palo Alto Weekly, the hackers took over the

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Get Through Financial Restraint With Bad Credit Loans

Bad news, if you have bad track for your credit score, you have tiny to zero chance to make your loan request get approved, mostly by conventional money institution like banks. However, good news, bank is not the only place to rely on when you are in need of extra cash for unexpected circumstance, read on to know about another solution for financial issue apart from banks. It is overnight credit loans where you have chance to get extra money that you need even without having good history for the credit score.


As its lenders will never do kind of check-up for credit history makes this option becomes ideal for those people who hold bad credit score, though those who have good credit rating can take benefits of it as well. Unlikely banks or some other traditional money institutions, the way they consider whether their borrowers are worth considering or not, commonly, it is through their income. If the income is steady enough, the possibility to get the loan is higher. Active bank account, address, and some other additional information are some other things you have to prepare, though it can be differed depend upon your lenders.


Nevertheless, is it

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How to Maintain Salesforce CRM

1. Plan for Salesforce Maintenance

Salesforce users end up generating very little ROI because they end up underestimating the cost and effort involved in maintenance of the platform. Similarly, business managers must be prepared to allocate time, manpower, and funds towards maintenance of the integration.

As data volumes increase, firms may be required to review the data schematics and carry out revisions, upgrades, or even a full-fledged overhaul of the data structure. New features may get added or the entire platform may have to be integrated with new modules.

Despite relying on automated solutions, managers cannot avoid allocating resources towards maintenance activities. This is important because even the slightest deviation in data standards can result in huge complications, especially when Big Data analytics are involved.

2. Convert Data into Information

Mere physical integration of data from disparate sources into a single solution or a single screen will not offer any real benefits. Sales force Integration and alignment will yield results only if the data can be measured, analyzed, sorted, tracked, and summarized in a convenient manner. The Salesforce integration strategy must cover the qualitative aspects data management, which, if leveraged, can end up generating significant value for the organization.

3. Carry Repeated Tests

Experts advise deployment of

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Pay Per Click Agency Some must know hows

Talking about the present, numerous methods are prevalent in the online marketing industry, which can help a business to increase its presence and performance over the web.

One such method of search engine marketing is pay per click marketing. And a good way to make use of this digital marketing method is taking the services of a pay per click agency. Unfortunately, a lot of website owners are doubting the expense spent of such advertising and questioning whether the ROI would be good enough. A lot of search engines provide pay per click agency advertisements footed on the sale of particular keywords, & there are moreover networks provide pay per click as a manner of getting more clients to their websites.

A site could be able to contract with Google and other search engines and bid on the keywords you are looking for. When a user utilizing that search engine enters one of the keywords in it, their ads appear on the SERP as a sponsored or paid page. These ads typically appear in yellow background. The search company pays each time a user clicks on their advertisement, with costs between one cent to 1 dollar for each click or may be

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Investing in Quality Brandable Domain Name

I’m sometimes touting the advantages of keyword domain names in several articles. During this post I’d prefer to analyze another common name sort, brandables. A brand able domain is usually thought of as a brief, made-up word like Google or Twitter, but this isn’t forever the norm. There are differing kinds of brandable domains, even people who do use keywords, thus let’s dive in and see what they’re all regarding.

First, a fast word on why a high quality complete is very important. A recent study shared by Consultancy found that simply third of traffic to eCommerce websites comes from social media, whereas a staggering 47% comes from complete familiarity. The Domain name is your brans.

What makes a website Brandable?


How a website name is spoken aloud is one amongst the foremost necessary factors in crucial brandability. Usually referred to as the “radio check,” you’ll be able to merely raise a couple of friends to spell out a website name over the phone or personally. If your name cannot be understood clearly and remembered through viva-voce selling that may hurt your brandability.


While several brands use three-words I like to recommend initial researching two-word choices. Once it involves the net, shorter is often

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